Concept writing  - "putting words on your ideas"

I teach writing classes which are specifically designed for choreographers and performers. 

The idea behing these workshops is to help artists to put words on their ideas, particularly targeting application writing. The current way most work is handed out to makers and movers is through a written selection process, whether it is in the form of a CV, an artist statement or a project description. By developping your writing skills, you become clearer when putting together a concept, which helps getting your point accross when applying for work opportunities such as residencies or festivals. Moreover, writing can also enhance your communication skills, making you more efficient in rehearsals or while discussing ideas with your collaborators.

"Human beings communicate with words. When we see something we don't understand, we ask questions or read about it; we gather and process written and verbal information. That's how we form opinions, make decisions and take action... with words.

Art happens to be one of the things that people don't understand the most. It's also one of the things they want to understand the most. I have rarely met anyone who doesn't like art, but I've met legions of people over the years who need help understanding it. It's your job to help them and the easiest way to do that is with writing... with words."  

- Alan Bamberger


- I have been organising the "Writing Brunch" in collaboration with TTP, in WUK Wien since 2015. The Brunch is meant for artists who wish to improve their writing skills, as well as receive feedback and support on their current projects in a convivial atmosphere. Each Brunch treats a different topic such as biographies, artist statement, project description, CV and more! To find out when the next Writing Brunch will happen, check the NEWS page. This is a free event but the spaces are very limited (only 8 students per session). Book in advance!

- I also offer private consulting, if you need help with a specific writing project. The format of this support can vary depending on your needs: we can meet and work together on every step of writing your concept, or you can email me with a draft and receive feedback and comments.

To find out more details about this (rates/availability etc.) use the contact page!


"No matter how hard it might be to accept it , the fact is, that ability to write applications is nowdays for a dancer as important as the ability to move. Most of us have to carry on, not expecting any support within arm´s reach. We are facing the fact, that if we don´t strive to produce art on our own, we won´t become part of it. This requires knowledge in the field of communication of our artistic experience to the various art institutions, festival programers or residency managers. In this sense I highly apprecite the initiative of Clair L. to support artists on their way to the independency and responsibility for their own carriers as freelance artists"  

- Petr Ovchat

"The three hours I spent in Claire's workshop, probably taught me more than the few writing classes I had throughout my 4 years in school. Her material, information and feed is very well structured, efficient and easy to grasp. What she offers is valid and important to any freelance artist who is trying to find his or her way through the vast funding/residency/festival application jungle." 

- Britt Kamper