a Space for Feeling Tender

In this new creation, in the frame of her residency in K3, Claire continues her exploration of Radical Softness as a performance practice and a form of resistance.

Expanding on the research she undertook for her solo 'peachfuzz' she now wishes to invent tender modes of collaboration. Self-declared softies are invited to participate in open labs to share their stories and experiences in a non-hierarchical exchange of knowledge. Pier-to-pier teaching is embraced as a way to weave a local network of care, as well as diversifying perspectives and making space for different voices to be heard. The invitation reaches beyond the regular contemporary dance crowd and into alternative performance practices: Hamburg based Burlesque artists, experimental writers, BDSM practitioners are all welcome to share their understanding of what a soft space can be.

Here, radical softness is braided in every layer of the production process, from the way we deliver content (soft dramaturgies) to how we receive feedback (alternative methods of critical care). Through the Labs, Claire will meet potential collaborators for the final performance: Each of these millennial snowflakes will bring their own gentle experiences to the process, co-hosting the theater space and infusing it their particular knowledge of radical softness.

Shaped by these gentle encounters, the "Space for feeling tender" is a physical space as well as a metaphorical one. It is the room in which we share the work, as well as the space we invent for ourselves, where being vulnerable is not only safe but also celebrated, where sensorial experiences and intuition are cherished, and where there is no such thing as being too emotional. Gentleness becomes a method, a topic, and a structure through which to imagine the work.

´Space for feeling tender´ is not so much about what can be seen, but about choreographing an experience. It listens more than it talks. It is less about entertaining and more about hosting people and caring together. Visitors are invited to lay down on pillows and are free to move, make noise, come and go as they need. ´Space for feeling tender´ is as a choreographic caress and a care practice, in which the experience of softness is extended to the audience. A sensitive and sensual sticky-sweet dance nuzzling itself in hyper-feminine aesthetics. And a rose-colored middle finger to patriarchy.