Ghost writing

Besides her own writing practice and her application writing workshops, Claire also writes for others. Whether you don’t have time to write your next funding application, would like support writing programme notes or need a new biography but don’t know where to begin, she can help you with that!


"I am not exaggerating when I say that without Claire Lefèvre I would not have gotten the grant I so desperately needed. It was thanks to her phenomenal skills in analysing, writing, summarizing and acknowledging what is of importance and what is not, that helped me present my work in a way that I myself wasn’t able to do. Claire really sees your work. She asks the right questions and knows how to highlight certain aspects where you yourself might not have realised their relevance.

In short, Claire Lefèvre can help you catch both yourself and your work when it feels like everything is caught in a whirlwind of abstraction. She can help you bring order in the chaos that so often comes when you try to find the right words for your own art, pieces and work.

Don’t scream yourself into a frenzy or pull out your eyelashes in frustration, hire Claire to help you instead. "