Recovery Lab with Angela Alves

7th 8th 9th of April 2021

For 3 days, Claire and Angela will work on recovery and care:

They will use the k3 studios to rest, making this practice an integral part of their creative processes.

Some things they plan to do:

Recording our dreams
Talking about resting
Watching movies
Talking about what we are reading
read outloud to each other (bedtime stories but every time is bed time)
Communications to the outside world
writing postcards from the studio
Wasting time
See, if this is the right resting method 
Horizontal research
Softening the nervous system
painting our nails, making face/hair masks, grooming the body
watch reality TV

To learn more about Angela´s work click here

FULL MELT DOWN premiere + artist talk and more dates

19.3.21 at 7.30 PM + 23.3.21 and 26.3.21 at 7PM

Full Melt Down is a choreographed guided tour through a radically soft space. Visitors are (con)sensually guided from one experience to another, cocooned in tender textures, and velvety dances. Shaped by these gentle encounters, Full Melt Down softens rigid structures in the theatre and in the body. Hosted by self-identified radical softies, this piece is an invitation into a hyper-sensitive place where gentleness becomes a method, a topic, and a portal through which to imagine (the) work. 

To reserve you free ticket for the online performance click here

Peachfuzz video premiere + artist talk

21.02.2021 6pm

After several cancelled live premieres, Peachfuzz finally comes to life in video form!

You can watch the full piece by clicking here

Writing Tea - online workshop

24.01.2021 3pm until 6pm hosted by Tanzhaus Düsseldorf

Claire is teaching one of her cozy writing workshops, this time focusing on "how to write about something which doesn't exist yet". For booking and all info click here

ALL EARS - an evening of story-telling and listening

19th of December 2020 - 20h00 ONLINE

With Alex Alvina Chamberland, Mihret Kebede, Nayana Keshava Bhat, mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Negin Rezaie.

 You are wrapped up in a blanket.

You listen to stories.

Many different voices reach your ears.

One after the other.

Words resonate with your imagination.

You resist the urge to respond.

You just listen.

After the performance of peachfuzz on that day, the space is open for one evening, five writers, many stories and an infinite number of guests: you may join us in person or attend online, under your own blanket

For reservations click here


12-20th of December 2020 studio brut

After months of being postponed, the premiere of Claire's solo peachfuzz is finally coming to brut in December: seats are limited so reserve yours fast!

To find out more and book tickets click here

Probebühne Digital

26th of November 2020 7.30 PM ONLINE

In this work-in-progress showing Claire, as well as the other two choreographers is residence at K3 Sina Saberi and Przemek Kaminski,  will give an insight into their research and working methods.

Register at

Looking for radical softies!

ongoing call

For my new project in K3 (Kampnagel) I am researching the concept of radical softness as an embodied performance practice and a form of resistance. I am looking for potential collaborators (performers, writers, makers, researchers...) who are based in Hamburg and are interested in similar topics. Perhaps you too have thought about care, intimacy, vulnerability, femininity in people of all genders, softening rigid structures stored in the body, being melodramatic, resting,and other gentle things . If you'd like to meet, exchange practices, share knowledge and perhaps work together in the studio (that would be paid off course)please click here and write me a little bit about yourself 



K3 residency - Hamburg (DE)

August 2020 - April 2021

Claire was one of three choreographers selected for a 9 months long residency in Kampnagel (Hamburg DE). She will continue her investigation into Radical Softness and create a new production. For more info on the residency program click here

Oramics' 3d birthday celebration

July 17th 2020

To celebrate the third birthday of Polish label Oramics, Claire, among many other artists, was invited to take part in a multi media collage. She wrote a text inspired by the music of Tony Renaissance. You can hear/read/see this here

Peachfuzz videos online!

May 2020

The premiere of Claire's solo Peachfuzz has been postponed until December 2020.

In the meantime, she created two videos with her collaborator, sound designer and friend Zosia Holubowska, inspired by their research on radical softness. You can watch them both on brut's website and here

Danceweb scholarship

Impulstanz 2020 ---> postponed until 2021!

Claire was awarded the Danceweb scholarship for this year's edition of Impulstanz! Every year, danceWEB offers participation in all workshops, research projects as well as attendance at all performances of the ImPulsTanz festival plus mentoring by an artistic coach to about 40 dancers and emerging choreographers from more than 40 countries. To find our more about Danceweb click here 

Letters for Later - Imagetanz Special

March 7th - March 28th 2020

For Imagetanz this year, Claire handpicked 12 writers to craft letters about the pieces showed in the festival, pursuing the project's aim to provide a wide spectrum of perspective upon performances. To read all the letters, visit brut's website here

peachfuzz residency+work in progress showing in Tanzfabrik Berlin

February 10th till 16th 2020

Claire will be working in Berlin for a week together with sound designer Zosia Holubowska/mala herba to keep investigating radical softness as a choreographic practice. They will also invite local artists to join in their experimentation, exchange methods and investigate the power of tenderness. There will be an open studio showing on Saturday 15th at 4pm. More info about that here!

C.A.K.E. Verein für Kunst and Kultur is here!

Together with chef and DJ Philinger, Claire founded C.A.K.E. Verein für Kunst and Kultur, a new structure through which she produces events and performances, and whose name stands for Choreography Art Kitsch and Entertainment.

E N C H A N T E E S // TQW Explore with Alix Eynaudi

From Tuesday 3d until Saturday 7th of December

From Tuesday until Friday, Alix Eynaudi will come together with four artists/curators (PhD candidates at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in Tanzquartier. They will join her in exploring the spheres of dance and choreography. Claire, together with Quim Pujol, will follow the project as a spell writer. To find out more click here

Radical Softness // A Workshop

November 29th 2019 - 2pm till 7pm

In relation with her new work "Peachfuzz" Claire is investigating Radical Softness as a form of resistance and as a performance practice. In this workshop, she will share her practice and exchange gentle working methods with the participants. More details here

Writing Tea - Putting words on your ideas

November 13th 2pm-6pm WUK

It's time for another writing gathering!

This free workshop is aimed at movers and makers who are interested in enhancing their writing skills, especially targeting application writing methods (such as concept writing, applications for festivals, grants, writing biographies, project descriptions etc etc). the goal is to work in a friendly, supportive, cosy atmosphere, and hopefully to encourage you to make writing part of your creative process!

This time we will focus on putting words on your ideas/learning to translate movements-concepts-ideas into words.

Find out more here

Peachfuzz // Work in progress showing

7-8.11.2019 Im_Flieger

Claire will share a first take of her new project "Peachfuzz" in a shared evening in Im_fliger. Details coming soon!

Springback Assembly// BE THERE

October 10th-13th 2019 Reggio Emilia (IT)

Claire will once again meet with fellow writers during NID (Italy's platform for new dance) to participate in workshops, review shows and organize public debates during the festival. She will also conduct video interviews with some of the artists... to be published on Springback Magazine's BE THERE section soon!

Springback Exploratorium // B-Motion Festival

August 2019

Claire will be one of ten young Springback writers from all over Europe to convene in Bassano del Grappa (IT), from 18 until 25 August, to devise and host the first ever Exploratorium for contemporary dance. By invitation of the festival, these young dance experts have carte-blanche to imagine, concoct and cook up all sorts of new ways to enhance audiences’ experiences of, and engagement with, B.Motion’s broad and innovative programme. Read more about the Exploratorium here.

Im_Flieger supports // Peach Fuzz research

July 29th till August 8th

Claire will work in Im_Flieger during the summer for the first research phase of her new work Peach Fuzz. 

Writing Tea Party

May 15th 4-8pm in WUK

Welcome to the Writing Brunch's little sister, Introducing the writing tea-party! Are you writing about a new project? Are you applying for funding in the next months (MA7 deadline anyone?) ? Keep reading this is for you!

The Writing Tea-Party is a workshop designed for dancers/performers/artists who want to enhance their writing skills. This is NOT a creative writing class, but rather a workshop where creative people can learn how to improve the way they put together their application material such as concepts, artists statements, project descriptions and more, in a cosy and supportive atmosphere. The workshop will be divided into learning practical skills, tips and advice, exercises, and also some time to work on individual projects with the support of the group. The working language will be English.

I kindly ask each participant to bring food to share with the others and I will provide the tea, (and coffee!) and writing tips and tricks which I learnt along the way, in my own work as a choreographer.

For more information, click HERE

This workshop is FREE but there can only be a limited number of participants so please register by email at

Salon: dancing 30 years ahead - 30 years of imagetanz

Sat. 23.03.2019, 21:30

1 bistro table, 4 guests, 4 talks. That’s the setting for this year’s imagetanz salon, where former imagetanz curator Jacopo Lanteri is invited to reflect on the many transformations of Vienna’s dance/performance scene from an outsider’s perspective. With four local artists, (Claire being one of them) he will discuss different artistic visions, aesthetic changes, urgency calls and new impulses for Vienna.

Letters for Later

Imagetanz Festival March 2019

To celebrate 30 years of imagetanz, brut in collaboration with choreographer and writer Claire Lefèvre, presents Letters for Later, a writing initiative by and for performance artists and students. As an attempt to multiply the written content about the performance scene in Vienna, this project also aims to give a voice to writers with a wide spectrum of experiences and viewpoints.

Reaching into the past and looking into the future, 8 festival alumni and 8 dance/performance students are invited to write about works from the festival's 2019 programme. Texts from experienced makers are put in parallel with those of aspiring artists, creating a layered and multi-generational dialogue upon the performances.

Poems, interviews, and other writing formats will be welcome, offering the festival's artists with constructive and delicate reflections upon their pieces, while also providing the audience with a plurality of perspectives upon the curated works. The edited texts will be available on brut's website shortly after the performances take place.

An alternative to critical reviews, this online publication will focus on shared thoughts over judgement, aiming to spark conversations and exchanges between members of the scene. Like letters to be read right away or a bit later, to keep the discourse alive after the shows are over, to think and feel and wonder together.

Read everything here:

Squirt&Flirt: A Mermaid Party

10th of November 2018 from 22:30

Claire and the mermaids of "Welcome to the Fisch-Haus" will be hosting a party in Opera Club. With DJ BOO (Bixxa Boo collective), Barbosa sound system and PHILINGER.

Free admission with tickets to Claire Lefèvre's performance, with brut-Karte and for guests dressed in "sparkle-sparkle-sparkle / underwater creature" outfits

Welcome to the Fisch-Haus

Premiere November 8th + 9th-10th-13th-14th-15th 2018 8PM

Claire's new piece Welcome to the Fisch-haus  will premiere in Brut Wien! All info and tickets on Brut's website here

Writing Brunch

30th of september 2018 - 12-4pm WUK

Claire will be teaching this free workshop in WUK, to find out more visit the writing page on this website! sign up by email to to save your place!

Embarquement immédiat / Moitié Moitié (220 Volts)

September 22d at 5 pm

Claire's piece Moitié Moitié (part of the series Un instant/220 Volts) will be performed in the frame of Embarquement Immédiat with Act'art (77) in Châtelet-en-brie (FR)

Welcome to the Fisch-Haus! Residency in Im_Flieger + showing

August-September 2018 + Showing on September 12th at 8.30 pm

The mermaid exploration continues in Im_flieger! We will be working for 3 weeks and will have a work-in-progress showing on Wednesday the 12th of September! More info to come soon!

The mermaid project - Residency - De figuranten (BE)

August 11th-19th 2018

Claire and the performers of 'The mermaid project' (working title) will be hosted by De Figuranten in Belgium for a residency to keep developing their work. More info aboout this space here

Festival danse sur les rails - Clignancourt (France)

7th of July 2018 - Jardins du ruisseau from 2pm

Moitié-Moitié (part of 220 Volts season 1) will be shown in France in this site specific festival. To find out more click here!

Springback Magazine Launch

June 2018

Springback Magazine, a Europe-wide dance publication is now online! 

To read Claire's published content click here!

Writing workshop - MA7 applications in IG Freie Theater

28th of May 2018 5-6.30 pm

A workshop for IG members and new-comers, targeting MA7 applications. Joins us! More information here

Unreal time composition by Alix Eynaudi and Franz Poelstra

May 25th 19.30h TQW Studios

Claire will be a guest in this two weeks research project about improvisation. There'll be a showing at the end in Tanzquartier Wien, more info here

Writing Brunch

May 13th 2018 // 12-4pm

The Writing Brunch is on once again!

This time we will focus on MA7/Wien Kultur applications which are next due in June... Let's not leave it to the last minute! To find out more join the event here on facebook

Aerowaves - SpringBack Academy 2018

March 22-26th 2018

Claire was selected as one of 9 dance critics to attend Spring Forward in Sofia to review performances, participate in lively debates and receive mentorship from the dream team of dance critics, Kelly Apter, Oonagh Duckworth, Donald Hutera and Sanjoy Roy. To read Claire's reviews of the Aerowaves performances click here

Writing Brunch

March 18th 12-4pm in WUK

A workshop to improve your professional writing skills (CV, project description, concept writing etc) to find out more visit this page

The mermaid project - Work in progress showing in Raw Matters

Monday 19th of February 2018 - 19.30

Come and see this first try out of "The mermaid project" in Raw matters! To find our more about the event click here

220Volts premiere

17th december 2017 5pm and 20.45 pm

Claire's short piece Moitié/Moitié will be shown as part of the event 220V at the COS in Nanteau sur Lunain (FR)

Moitié/Moitié - 220V Creation

November 2017

Claire will be in Lyon for the first two weeks of November to initiate the first creation phase Moitié/Moitié. This will happen in the frame of 220V, a project by Cie Propos, for which she will create a short trio inspired by the same photograph as 3 other choreographers. 

An die Grenze - Fitness/The borders of the body

November 11th 2017

Claire will collaborate with Ensemble Platypus, in this event produced by Netzzeit and Wien Modern. Her piece will be inspired by the idea of borders (an die grenze) in this case the limits to which we push our bodies. This fitness inspired trio will accompany pieces played by the ensemble during this parcour event! More info here

Claire's Heroine Journey

Claire was asked to write her "heroine's journey" by Peter de Kuster, it is now part of an online collection of stories from women who are passionate about their work! You can read it here

Function Man in Klagenfurt

October 3d 2017

Function Man is on the road again! The work in collaboration with Matan Levkowich will be shown in Pelzverkehr Tanzwochen. More info here


September 2017

Claire was commissioned by Denis Plassard and the Cie Propos to create a short piece as part of the 220V project. The creation will start in september in Lyon, France. More info to come soon! To find out more about this project, click here

S/M (Some/Moments) in Freier Tanz im Delta VII

11th of June 2016 - 6 pm

First tour date for S/M (Some/Moments) in Theater Felina-Areal in Mannheim

S/M (Stage/Made) Premiere in Imagetanz Festival in BRUT

17th and 18th of March 2017 9pm

tickets and info:

Writing Brunch

26th of February 2017 12 (midday) in WUK

A workshop to improve your professional writing skills (CV, project description, concept writing etc) to find out more visit this page

S/M part 1 in WUK - Huggy Bears Showcase

December 6th - 8 pm

Claire and Evandro will share the first part of their creation S/M in WUK as part of the Huggy Bears yearly showcase. For more information and tickets go Here

S/M residency

October 10th-13th

Claire and Evandro will continue their work on S/M (Part one) in the Wiener Tanz une Kunst bewegung  Atelier, hosted by Anne Juren and Roland Rauschmeier! 

Writing Brunch

Sunday September 25th 2016

The Writing Brunch is back once more in WUK, from 12 am until 4pm on Sunday 25/09/16. For more info about the event check facebook and the "writing" page of this site! Don't forget to sign up by email at, there is a limited amount of places available!

S/M Residency in Im_Flieger Wien

12th-19th of Sepetmber 2016

Claire and Evandro will be in residence at Im_Flieger Wien, to continue their research and development of S/M (Speak/Move). There will be an open showing, more info to come!

S/M in Raw Matters

April 18th 2016 7pm

Work in progress showing of 'S/M' as part of RAW MATTERS in Schikaneder Wien. To find out more about the evening go here.

Function Man Premiere

11th 12th and 16th of March 2016

Premiere of 'Function Man' in BRUT Wien during ImageTanz Festival. There will be two more shows on the 12th (7pm) and 16th (8pm) as well! To book tickets go here.

Huggy Bears - Der Anfang

08th of March 2016

Claire and Evandro's project S/M was selected by 'Huggy Bears' an advisory platform for Vienna based artists initiated by Superamas. Join us in BRUT WIEN at 8pm to get to know the artists and see a preview of their works!

Random Collision Research Week

September 2015

Claire was one of the 5 choreographers selected for this research project initiated by Random Collision, in Groningen (NE). The artistic inquiry will focus on individuality and questions such as 'what makes an individual stand out from a group?' or 'How do processes such as inclusion and exclusion function?' and will be looked at by choreographers and researchers from a scientific field.

Phoenix Dance Theatre Choreographers and Composers Lab

July 2015

Claire was one of the 4 choreographers to be selected for this research lab in Leeds, she will be back in November 2015 and February 2016 for two more exchanges with the other participants.