220 Volts: Moitié/Moitié

Moitié/Moitié (French for 50/50) is a short piece created in fall 2017 in the frame of 220 Volts, a project initiated by Denis Plassard and the Cie Propos in Lyon (FR). For this creation process, Claire and 3 other emerging choreographers, were asked to create short pieces inspired by the same photograph. Always presented together as four parts of the same whole evening, each piece is unique in style and interpretation. Claire's work is inspired by mermaids, featuring voice work, text (in french) and songs. This is the first work upon this theme which Claire will keep developing in Vienna in her next creation in 2018.

So far, this piece has been touring in:

06/12/18 - La Rampe La Ponatière - Echirolles
16/11/18 - Théâtre Renoir - Cran Gevrier
26/10/18 - Office départemental de l'Orne - Randonnai
22/09/18 -  Embarquement Immédiat organisé par Act'art 77 - Châtelet en Brie
07/07/18 - Danse sur les rails - Clignancourt
09/06/18 - Festival Hop - Bassens
22/04/18 - Conseil Départemental du Puy de Dôme - Champeix et Neschers
20/12/17 - Studio Lucien - Lyon
16 et 17/12/17 - Scènes rurales organisé par Act'art 77 - Nanteau et Villecerf