Welcome to the Fisch-Haus

Four mesmerizing mermaids invite you to the depth of their cabaret: Welcome to the Fisch-Haus! In the siren's after-hours joint, the mystical creatures try to sprinkle some glamour throughout the agonizing length of their aquatic life span. Between land and sea, human and animal, reality and magic, they distract each other, serenade their drowned lovers, and seduce you, dear audience.

Inventing their own mythological tales, the mermaids metamorphose into one another's backup singers, ecstatic groupies, or delicate fluffers. Their voices, themselves between sound waves and breath, cast magical spells.

In Welcome to the Fisch-Haus, choreographer Claire Lefèvre explores what it means to be in-between - at the bottom of the sea, her mermaids oscillate as symbols of non-dual corporeality. Number after number, they transform into this or that, and dazzlingly create a space to be all at once, or something else entirely.

Dresscode for the guests: SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE/Underwater Creature

Premiere: November 8th 2018 8pm Studio Brut (Zieglergasse 25)

Additional shows on the 8th 10th 13th 14th and 15th of November.

A piece by Claire Lefèvre with Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Veza Fernandez and Zosia Holubowska.

Dramaturgy: Andrea Salzmann

Production: Sophie Schmeiser and Eva Holzinger

A co-production of Brut Wien and Himalaya Project.

With the support of Wien Kultur, BKA, Im_Flieger and De Figuranten. Thanks to the Haus des Meeres.