Function Man

I'm Function Man
I'm a social stripper
I take out layers of expectations.
I'm not a blank canvas. 
I am a sophisticated brush.
I have a strictly defined amount of time to bleed.
This is not Sparta.
Tonight, we dine at home.
Function is my middle name

Function man is a dance solo about the effects of militarization on the male body. Inspired by Matan’s first hand experience of militarization as a soldier in the Israeli army, we are questioning the conditioning of a soldier’s body into an “action orientated” body, looking at what happens when a man becomes an “Action Man”. Drawing from Matan's personal point of view, as well as from Claire's theoretical research on this topic, we are inquiring the impact of militarization on the political body, and our society's collective consciousness.


Concept and choreography: Claire Lefèvre and Matan Levkowich

Performance: Matan Levkowich

Production: Sophie Schmeiser

Function Man is a co-production of Himalaya project (Verein fur Tanz und Performance) and Brut Wien. With the support of DanceWeb, Life Long Burning Wild Cards, Im_Flieger, Brut Wien and Wien Kultur (ma7)