FULL MELT DOWN is a choreographed guided tour through a radically soft space. Works by Berlin based textile artist Sophie Utikal hover in the room: they can be sensed, caressed, or used to hide behind. A gentle soundscape composed by Zosia Holubowska cocoons the visitors´s ears. There is a field of bean bags where one can rest, and a library corner for reading in peace. As they are (con)sensually lead from one intimate experience to another, the guests are encouraged to follow their intuition: would you like to put on headphones and listen to the sound of your breath? Do you want to feel needles and ink penetrating your skin? Would you prefer to wander around on your own and meet again later?

In this new work created during her residency at K3 (kampnagel – Hamburg DE) Claire Lefèvre continues her exploration of radical softness as a choreographic practice and a form of resistance. Expanding on the research she undertook for her solo 'peachfuzz' she now wishes to invent tender modes of collaboration: Claire invited five self-identified radical softies to create a room full of intimacy and care. Shaped by these gentle encounters, FULL MELT DOWN is a physical place as well as a metaphorical one. It is the room in which the work is shared, as well as the space invented between performers and guests: here sensorial experiences and intuition are cherished, and there is no such thing as being too dramatic, too emotional, too soft. It is an attempt to melt down rigid structures in the theatre and in the body. Gentleness becomes a method, a topic, and a portal through which to imagine (the) work.


Choreography: Claire Lefèvre

Set design: Sophie Utikal

Sound design: Zosia Holubowska

Performance: Ton Bogataj, Claire Lefèvre, Caro Ley, Inga Salomé, Ansiré Sissoko, Joelle Westerfeld

Film: Gulzat Matisakova 

Pictures: Öncü Gültekin

Special thanks to Carina Kluge, Veza Fernandez, Limo, Sanjoy Roy, Isabel Lewis, Annette Van Zwoll, Lisa Gilardino, Eva Neklyaeva, Jacopo Lanteri, Angela Alves Niklaus Bein and Anne Kersting.

FULL MELT DOWN is a production by K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg, funded by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin